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Hub – Who are we?

The DeeHub was established in 2014. 

  • In 2014 an Interagency group came together which included local people and representatives from some agencies such as HSE, LMETB, and An Garda Siochana to look at the need for a space and services to support the community and families in Ardee and the surrounding Mid-Louth region, particularly those at risk of social exclusion.
  • In 2014, the Dee Hub group carried out a Needs Analysis survey of 170 people on key issues in Ardee. The top need identified was for a community space in the town, including a place for young people.
  • In 2015/2016 an external organisational consultant came on board to facilitate a consultation process with key stakeholders and develop a draft Strategic Plan. The process included two public meetings and the setting up of an Interagency Committee.

DeeHub – What do we do?

Our goals include:

  • To provide services and support to address the needs of families and young people at risk of disadvantage and social exclusion.
  • To provide support, training and services for adults  at risk of disadvantage and social exclusion, including older people and persons with a disability.
  • To support young and older adults who are unemployed or at risk of unemployment to access the labour market through the provision of targeted training and services.
  • To work in partnership with local people, community /voluntary sector and state agencies to achieve the vision, mission and goals.
  • To adapt and maintain the building as needed.
  • To ensure good governance and sustainability of the organisation.

Our mission is to help people within the community live empowering lives, to tackle issues such as social exclusion and provide key services within the locality without the need to travel to other parts of the county or indeed country.