New Ardee Guild for Irish Countrywomen’s Association

//New Ardee Guild for Irish Countrywomen’s Association

New Ardee Guild for Irish Countrywomen’s Association


Annamaria O’Brien is a lady of passion and community spirit. Having come to Ireland just over 11 years ago, Annamaria has thrown herself into the heart of the community. Not content with being part of one of Ardees finest & longest established groups (Ardee Concert Band) as part of the Committee and playing in the Band along with her husband Paul, Annamaria also volunteers at the Dee Hub and teaches Needlework classes, which having seen some of her fantastic creations you can appreciate the thought and love that goes into everything she does. Annamaria outlined that she ‘always wanted to do something for her fellow Ardonians and she hoped this new Guild will bring many happy moments to Ardonian women’s’  lives’.

With that spirit and passion the birth of a new group was witnessed i.e. The ICA Ardee Guild. The ICA (Irish Countrywomen’s Association) was founded in May 1910 by Anita Lett in Bree, Co Wexford. Annamaria is the President of the newly established ICA Ardee Guild and one of the Founding Members. The ICA Ardee Guild meets every fortnight on Mondays at the Deehub in Ardee, from 7pm to 8pm.

The ICA Ardee Guild has a strong number of 14 wonderful creative women starting off, and as always new members are welcome. The Guild will cater for women’s’ needs & will be involved in a wide variety of interests such as arts, crafts, sport, wellness, outings etc. In today’s hectic world where we get caught up in the pace of life and sometimes overwhelmed by it and we often feel like we are running on autopilot, it’s import to recognise the need to relax, unwind and socialise and generate new interests or reignite a love for perhaps childhood hobbies/crafts and the ICA Ardee Guid is a perfect outlet to help make that a reality.

The Goals of the Association are:

  • The Irish Country Women association’s goal is to bring women together in fellowship and friendship and developing and improving the well-being , knowledge and skills of women
  • improving the general quality of life of women in Ireland
  • Supporting and promoting the Irish language and culture
  • To support social and recreational activities among women

For further information about meetings, outings , classes please see the updates on the groups FaceBook page ICA ARDEE GUILD or you can contact Annamaria via email :, or call  : 087-9957581 and a warm welcome will await.

Why not be part of another great new local initiative and get involved or help out and support.